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If you are looking for Clock repair in Clayton, MO, look no further. We are expert restorers, conservationists, and repairers of clocks, both modern and antique. Our work is done sympathetically using both traditional—inherited skills and technology to deliver clocks that function and look just like the manufacturer intended them to.
Our history is choke-full of different experiences on different models. We remain confident that even in the event some parts are missing, we can fabricate accurate and working spares for your clock. Our wealth of experience makes us the go-to company for clock repair in Clayton, MO, and you can trust us to deliver high-quality antique and old clocks like grandfather clocks and most modern, high-quality clocks.
What sets us apart from other experts in clock repair in Clayton, MO is the individual care and attention we give to your clocks.

What do we repair

If your clock has stopped ticking, it’s time to bring it to Timekeepers in Clayton, MO. We not only perform antique clock and watch repairs and but also repair most modern mechanical clocks. Our services begin with a simple routine cleanup exercise to full-fledged complex restoration projects, including fabrication of any missing or broken parts. We work on single items or extensive collections, and should you need a valuation/appraisal at the end, we are happy to help.
Here are a few clock repair services you can expect from us.


If your clock is losing time, it is time that it got services. Since most clocks rely on mechanical parts to keep time, it is proper that you have it checked every three years to ensure all the features are working well. This includes lubricating parts, re-teething worn gears, setting the time, and cleaning up the mechanisms. As leading providers of clock repair in Clayton, MO, our skilled craftsmen can restore your clock to proper working order.

Movement repair and servicing

Fluid movements need a fluid mechanism. At the heart of our movement repair services are cleaning and servicing. If your clock has been running for many years without attention, some parts are bound to wear out, seize or fail. For your clock’s robust mechanism, we do detailed cleaning and inspection. After which, we repair and recommission the mechanism. Each watch undergoes a thorough testing phase to ensure the highest standards of work and longevity.

Case and dial repair

Is your clock made of special materials? Whether it’s wood, ceramics, or metals, we have the conservators to restore all manner of clock cases and dials. If the years of use are starting to show, we will restore it to reflect its period. We are careful as not to overrestore, and our whole philosophy is conservation-minded to ensure objects retain their charm and still reflect the period they were made.