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Sell Your Jewelry in Clayton, MO

Timekeepersclayton Sell Your Jewelry in Clayton, MO
Don’t let your precious jewelry, diamonds, and gold that you no longer wear gather dust and spoil. If you are thinking, “Where can I sell my Jewelry”, Timekeepers in Clayton, MO will lend expert knowledge in valuation, restoration, and marketing to sell your wares and give you the best top-dollar value for them. We make it easy for you to sell and acquire high-quality jewelry whether you are buying or selling.
Timekeepers in Clayton, MO are master jewelers specializing in antique and estate jewelry, and we have been buying and selling jewelry in St. Louis, MO, since 1981. We are passionate about our client experience and have a long list of clients, new and returning, who appreciate our focus on getting the best value and prices for them.

Valuation Of Your Antique and Estate Jewelry

When it comes to the valuation of your precious jewelry, Timekeepers in Clayton, MO conduct detailed research and share a detailed analysis of your fine jewelry and diamonds before presenting an offer. Our in-house, GIA-trained gemologist will take you through the entire process, explaining aspects used in determining its value, e.g., jewelry’s carat, cut, clarity, color, precious metal, condition, and fair market value. We maintain all valuation reports confidential, and this makes us the independent valuation experts you need for selling your precious jewelry.
Selling jewelry is an opportunity for you to get cash or get a new piece. We buy everything from one carat round cut diamond engagements to entire estate collections of intricate, limited edition pieces of jewelry. Nothing is too small or too large. If you have a piece you are sure you won’t be wearing or want to dispose of, we will give you fantastic deals on all your jewelry.
Few jewelers possess both the credentials and experience to match the valuation needs of insurance agencies for high-value and specified jewelry. We meet GIA regulations but also offer prompt top dollar payments for fine, antique, and estate jewelry collections in St. Louis, but we attract countrywide clients. You can rely on Timekeepers in Clayton, MO to get the true value for insurance replacement, family division, divorce, probate, capital gains, auctions, and private sales.

The Types of Diamond and Gold Jewelry We Buy

Timekeepers in Clayton purchase most types of jewelry but more so for antique and estate pieces. We consider all types of fine diamonds, gold, and precious stones and metals. We also buy designer signed pieces including but not limited to Cartier, Bulgari, Chanel, Tiffany & Co, David Webb, and Jacob and Co. If you have a wedding ring, engagement ring, diamond ring, gemstone, tennis bracelets, etc., feel free to pop into Timekeepers in Clayton, MO for valuation and the best offers on your jewelry.
Besides jewelry, we also purchase loose diamonds, luxury watches, and other precious stones. If you have a Patek Phillipe, Breitling, Panerai, Jacob & Co, Omega, Cartier, etc., we will be happy to buy it from you for the best value possible.