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Timekeepersclayton Ring Sizing Clayton, MO
A proper fitting ring is crucial. If it’s too loose, you run the risk of it slipping off and getting lost. Too tight, it’s uncomfortable and hard to remove. Essentially, the perfect ring should fit snug around the base of your finger. It should slide onto your finger fairly smoothly but still be tight enough as not to fall off. If your ring is feeling a little bit off, then it’s best to get it resized. At Timekeepers in Clayton, MO, we offer ring sizing and resizing services in St Louis and the wider metropolitan area. Our expert jewelers are well-versed in sizing all manner of rings. Whether it’s an engagement ring or a just-because ring, we can turn your gorgeous stone into the perfect fit.
Our ring sizing in Clayton, MO is not restricted to old rings. If you have an existing ring and want to make duplicates for loved ones, we can measure up. It’s no use having a ring you can’t wear because it is too small. Our ring sizing and resizing costs vary but don’t worry. Affordability and quality are at the core of everything we do. In establishing how we will charge you, we will consider what it’s made of, how much bigger or smaller it needs to be, how much metal needs to be manipulated, and the design elements of the ring.
For a more precise estimate, reach out to us with the type of ring you would like to have sized, restored, or resized.