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Timekeepers in Clayton has over 40 years of experience in the selling, restoration, and repair of fine jewelry and watches. Whether it’s a classic, antic or modern watch, Timekeepers in Clayton is among only a handful of master watchmakers who can guarantee that the result you get is what you signed up for. Timex, Rolex, Omega, Longines, IWC name them, will be given the attention they duly deserve to keep them in proper working condition at all times. From the manufacture of intricate parts to correction of positional errors in movements to repair of complex watch movements, Timekeepers in Clayton provides a whole suite of repair, restoration, and refurbishing options to succeed where others have failed.
Here’s a roundup of the watch services you can find at Timekeepers in Clayton.


Do you have a watch you feel needs a complete refresh? We will help bring your timepieces bang up to date, whether they are vintage or modern timepieces. We work on everything from Panerai, Omega Breitling, Cartier, Jaeger LeCoultre, Movado, and Rolex, to name a few, and provide fully bespoke service for whichever brand of watch you own. We will clean, lubricate movements, replace or restore your watch armbands to meet manufacturer specifications, and make them look as good as the day they left the factory.


If your watch has a lithium or silver oxide battery, you are at the right place for all replacement needs. You can wait on it while we replace it or drop it and have it delivered to you once it is all complete, we install batteries for all major brands, and even if you can’t identify your battery, we will help you get the right one for your watch.

Watch Refurbishing

Come and see us if you have an antique or keepsake /heirloom watch that you need to be restored. We will refinish your watch to leave it looking as good as new, and even if it needs new parts fabricated for it, we will give you a watch that is as good as the manufacturer intended it to be.

Antique Pocket Watch

Pocket watches go through a lot of wear and tear, friction, and abuse, but Timekeepers in Clayton will repair, regulate, clean, polish your watch but also adjust and lubricate your antique watch’s movement.

Crystal Replacement

Does your watch have any special stones or crystals that have been lost? Timekeepers in Clayton can cut and replace most crystals commonly installed in watches. Our delicate and process involve specialized skills, and we will only charge you upon great quality work done. We will also polish any scratches or cracked crystals on a case-by-case basis.

Dial Refurbishing

Dials are exposed to a lot of things from friction to moisture etc. If you have clouded or damaged dials, ask for dial finishing and replacement at Timekeepers in Clayton

Dive Watch Resealing

Your dive watch is a precious piece that needs to retain its water and dust resistance properties at all times. We will reseal and re-pressurize water-resistant watches. This includes making new seals and gaskets and conducting all the proper tests to guarantee it remains the watch you bought from the shop—a water-resistant watch.

Movement Replacement

When your watch’s movement fails, that’s no reason to throw away a completely fine dial. Let’s replace your movement when the original is irreparable and have you wearing your favorite timepiece in no time.

Band Adjustment

Lose bands, and those that have become loose can be repaired so they fit. You can wait for it in-store or have it delivered to your address. We also replace band pins to reconnect detached bands to the dials.

Case Engraving

If you are thinking of monogramming or engraving your gift or heirloom, you are at the right place. We will machine, hand, and laser engrave your watch to carry the message you want it to keep for the rest of time.