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Jewelry Store in Clayton, Mo 63105 | 4 Things to consider before choosing to get your jewelry or watch appraised

Before getting a Jewelry and watch appraisal in Richmond Heights, MO, you ought to know what to expect. When you own fine jewelry and watches, it is always critical to know their value because they may be some of the most important purchases you will ever make. For one, you can use this value to find a suitable selling price. Plus, it can allow you to purchase an insurance policy. You are probably aware your insurance policy won’t automatically cover your jewelry. That means you need to appraise it before buying insurance for it. But the process of appraisal is not as straightforward as most people make it appear. Whatever your reason is for an appraisal, you should always get your money’s worth. Here are four things to watch out for when having your jewelry or watch appraised.

Manage your expectations

Getting your jewelry appraised is a momentous occasion. However, it can be nerve-wracking having to wait for the results on your jewelry. If it’s a piece you don’t know much about, has mystique or mystery around it, your imagination can go wild and make this period unbearable. In this situation, keeping your expectations low will ensure that you are pleasantly surprised when the results come out higher than you expected. Besides, this is a nice cushion for when things don’t turn out as you expected.

Get to know how appraisals happen

With the developments in gemology and the appraisals process, appraisals are becoming more accurate than ever. That said, it is important to get the opinion of more than one appraiser. Likewise, you should know about the different types of appraisals to establish which will fit your specific need appropriately. For example, if it’s about replacement value, your appraisal will tell you about the cost of replacement if something happened. Fair market value appraisal will tell you how much it will fetch if you were to sell it and more.

Bring the titles and documentation for your jewelry and watch.

Just like art, having a provenance might just boost the value of the watch or jewelry. Presenting any documentation or article from the piece’s history will help them determine a fast, accurate appraisal. This documentation may include past appraisal reports, receipts, warranties, etc. Having past famous owners is also a nice detail to drop in your conversation with the appraiser.

Know what to look for in an appraisal report

To know whether an appraisal report is helpful or not, learn to think like the insurance company or buyer. This involves looking for the key data points in the report. Things like contact details, date and reason for appraisal, the appraiser’s report on its condition, and most importantly, the final assessment on its value.

Having an appraisal done by someone you trust will make it easy to achieve any objectives you have for your jewelry or watch. Now that you know what to expect get in touch with our Richmond Heights jewelry and watch appraisals to know the true value of your precious items.