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Jeweler In Clayton Mo | Trendiest Diamond Rings 2022

 Trendiest Diamond Rings 2022

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            If there’s one thing, we’ve come to expect is that diamond rings are here to stay. These eloquent pieces are durable and classy commodities, ideal for everyday wear. Their purity and sparkle make them a symbol of the depth of two people’s commitment and thus a popular choice among brides-to-be. After all, isn’t jewelry the shortest way to a girl’s heart? But ring trends change every year. We are seeing a mix of trends with diamond rings since as we know there is no one size fits all in the world of jewelry. In this article, our jeweler in Clayton, Mo covers which ring styles are forecasted to be the biggest in 2022. Keep scrolling to find out more.

Vintage-inspired diamond rings

In recent years, thrifting and vintage finds have become a classic in the fashion industry. And in the same way, vintage-inspired are taking over the jewelry industry. Vintage rings have a rich history having been passed through different generations, love stories, and relationships. They are unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that you can update to meet your personal style by adding a different band or diamond shape. This all while retaining the sentimental value your diamond ring holds.

Rose gold diamond rings

Rose gold diamond rings offer vintage appeal with a modern flair. Such rings are extremely durable making them the ideal choice as engagement rings. Let’s not forget they ooze absolute romance. This gorgeous metal complements just about any skin tone and metal. And given its soft, feminine blush tone, a rose gold engagement ring is a safe bet if you are shopping for a ring for that special lady.


Oval diamonds

Oval diamonds might not be as popular as round rings. But they are still a modern classic that continue to find their spotlight in 2022. In their most glamorous sense, oval diamonds offer the perfect combination of functionality and fashion. They are less prone to chipping than other fancy cuts since they lack sharp corners. Besides, their elongated elevated shapes means that they can flatter a wide range of fingers and hand sizes. And when cut well, an oval diamond ring can look larger than a round diamond, so more bang for buck.



Contoured diamond ring sets

Another ring style that is taking over the industry in 2022 are contoured stacks. This option is especially great if you are looking for a matching set. A contoured diamond ring set could include a gorgeous wedding band to go with your equally stunning engagement ring. If you are looking for something that looks and fits great while still offering you value for money, a contoured diamond ring set is the way to go.


Pave diamond rings

If it’s sparkle you want, try pave diamond rings. They are beloved for their uniquely glittery quality since the ring itself is encrusted with very small diamonds along the entire band. The band, thus, looks like a solid diamond setting. Yet despite this intricate setting, pave diamond rings are surprisingly affordable.


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