Who Buys Estate Jewelry Near Me?

By Timekeepers Clayton June 3, 2020

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Finding a trustworthy estate jewelry in St Louis can be difficult, especially if you are in the process of selling items after a bereavement. However, Timekeepers are here, and they have many years of experience, meaning that you do not need to look any further to find help when you need it the most.

Who Are Timekeepers?

Timekeepers are expert jewelers that have worked in St Louis since 1979. Prior to their US operation, the Timekeepers family previously worked in Eastern Europe, and the four generations of the family are all experts in repairing, selling, buying and assessing jewelry from all over the world. What they do not know about jewelry is not worth knowing!

Not only do the Timekeepers team come with a lot of experience, but they are also a highly qualified team who have graduated from the Gemological Institute of America. This means that you can be sure they understand what they are valuing and will be able to explain the valuation they provide so that you are clear on what your jewelry is truly worth.

What Is Estate Jewelry?

If you are not sure whether you have estate jewelry of not, then the simple definition is jewelry that has been previously owned and is usually antique or vintage in nature. These items can often be deceptive in terms of price, and so it is vital that you engage with an estate jewelry expert to get an accurate estimate when you are selling your items.

What Services Do Timekeepers Offer?

If you are looking for the best estate jeweler in the St Louis area, then Timekeepers are an obvious choice. They will be happy to appraise any items you have and then work with you to sell them for the best price. They will be happy to come directly to you, or you can arrange an appointment to visit them in their offices.

If any of your items need to be restored, then Timekeepers can do this for you too. Restoring an item will bring it back to its former glory and help potential buyers to see the true value of the piece. Be careful; you may be so impressed with the restoration that you decide not to sell and instead choose to enjoy the item yourself for years to come!

If you are not sure what to do with the estate jewelry you have been given then Timekeepers are also able to offer you advice on whether it is a good time to sell, where to sell or how to store the items safely if you are not yet ready to sell them.

Get In Touch Today

If you have any items that you have inherited or own and want to be valued, then get in touch with Timekeepers today. When you first call, your requirements will be discussed in full, and then a plan of action will be made so that you can feel reassured that your items will be valued fairly and accurately.