Watch Repair Near Me

Watch Repairs

Do you have a vintage watch that makes your heart skip a beat? Here at Timekeepers, we understand the pleasure that beautiful jewelry gives and also the upset it causes when it is damaged. Getting vintage jewelry repaired and restored is not a job for amateurs, and it makes sense to use a service like ours that guarantees your timepiece will come out in the best possible condition.

Common Damage To Watches

It’s common for watches to sustain damage, especially if it is a vintage model that is worn regularly, and whilst it is upsetting, it is not the end of the world. Here are three of the most common issues we see when it comes to watch damage:

• Winding your watch when it is on your wrist. This can result in you over winding the watch or even damaging the crown due to the angle you are winding it at.
• Exposing your watch to water. Vintage watches are not waterproof, and many people forget they have them on their wrist when they decide to do the dishes, which results in a waterlogged watch.
• Failure to store the watch correctly. Watches need to be kept in an environment that is not prone to significant temperature changes as this can cause the movement to stop functioning properly.
In addition to these common problems, we frequently see watches that are just simply old and worn that need some love in order to restore them back to their former glory.


How We Repair Watches

When you bring your watch to us, we will first assess all damage and discuss our findings with you so that you are completely aware of what needs to be done. We will then provide you with an estimate for the work and discuss your options with you.

When you decide to proceed with our repair service, you can be certain that we will take exceptional care of your watch and painstakingly restore it ready for you to wear once again. When our work is complete, we will ask you to check you are happy with our work before billing you.


Why We Are A Great Choice

When it comes to watch restoration, we are the perfect choice as we have a team of highly skilled technicians with years of experience in restoring vintage watches as well as other types of jewelry and music boxes.

We know that your vintage watch is a cherished item, and as such, our team will take time and care in order to bring it back to life. We can repair most brands and will ensure that you are fully aware of the process and timescale before you agree to let us complete the work for you.


Contact Us To Arrange Your Repair

If you have a watch that needs to be repaired then contact us today, we will organize a time to evaluate the timepiece with you and give you a fair and transparent estimate for the work that needs to be done.