Professional Jewelry Repair

By Timekeepers Clayton September 15, 2020

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We all have a piece of jewelry that means the world to us, but when they get damaged or broken, many of us are left feeling that nothing can be done to fix them. Time Keepers have been in the jewelry business for decades and have successfully restored thousands of items to their former glory. Why don’t you let us help you?

Jewelry Repair

We understand what it means when an item of your jewelry is broken, and we will work quickly and efficiently to restore it so that you can use it again in no time. Finding a reliable jewelry repair service near your home can be a nightmare. Still, our longstanding and knowledgeable team can fix the majority of items that are shown to us.

Our family business began in Eastern Europe before we relocated to St Louis, and now, with three generations of experience, we are the go-to choice for most people in the area. We understand both the sentimental value of jewelry as well as the desire to keep your items in the best possible condition, and we will always work to provide you with a fully repaired item that looks stunning when you put it on.

Watch Repair Service

When you have a watch that is reliable or kept as a memory of the giver, then it is essential to service and maintain it to keep it in good working order. Time Keepers offer a watch repair service to help you keep your watch ticking for many years.

If you find that the batteries are flat or there is an issue with the mechanism or hands, then we will work hard to repair it using original parts wherever possible. If you own a vintage watch and need new parts installed, then we will always be sympathetic to the original design and will never give you back an item that you are unhappy with.

Jewelry and Watch Repair Near Me

If you are looking for local jewelry and watch repair service, then you will be pleased to know that we have two locations for you to choose from. Our first location is in Clayton, MO and our second location is in Olivette, MO. This means that you can select the location closest to you, making it easy and speedy to get your items repaired by our professional service.

Connect With Us Today

If you want to discuss your item or arrange an appraisal, then connect with us via email or give us a call. We would be happy to help and will arrange a time and date that is convenient for you. All our customers are important to us, and you can be confident that when you use our service, your jewelry will be cared for and restored to the best possible standards.