Luxury Watches In Saint Louis

Luxury Watches In Saint Louis | The Five watches to own in 2022

Nothing matches the class and sophistication of a wristwatch. But not all watches are created equal and what you choose to wear makes a huge statement about who you are. Therefore, picking the right kind of watch is important. If you are in the market for luxury watches in Saint Louis, you are in the right place. We have rounded up some of the best luxury watches that should be in every man’s watch collection. Let’s dig right in. 


Chronograph watches are some of the most well-crafted and intricate watches on the market. Aside from the traditional watch display, they also feature multiple stopwatch functions. This makes them incredibly versatile. For instance, you can make quick calculations on the distance traveled over a short period thanks to its tachymeter scale. Because of the multiple functionalities they offer, a chronograph watch may fetch a higher price tag. But they are worth investing in. 


Dive Watch 

If you are a water sports adventurer, then you can’t go without a dive watch. Of course, a dive watch must be water-resistant, usually to at least 100 meters. However, with watchmakers constantly pushing innovation on dive watches, you can find ones that can withstand depths to up to 200 meters. They usually also come with a rotating bezel to let divers know how long they have been underwater. Some other typical characteristics of dive watches are: they are legible underwater and come with a durable strap to withstand pressure. The best thing about owning a dive watch is that you don’t have to take it off while showering or swimming. 


Dress Watch

In the classical sense, a dress watch is typically a watch that can be worn with something formal, like a tuxedo. These types of luxury watches have a slimmer profile than usual so that they can easily fit under a shirt cuff. They also have a smaller case size, typically between 34mm to 40mm. The more sophisticated dress watches can sometimes sport precious metals such as platinum, rose gold, white, or yellow. This is a must-have watch for those dressed-up occasions. 


Everyday Watch

Essentially, you can wear all the watches we’ve mentioned here on any occasion. So what exactly denotes an everyday watch? Well, if you had to choose one watch to wear every single day, which one would it be? That’s an everyday watch. It can tackle everyday life and handle everything that you throw at it. At the minimum, an everyday watch should go well with a variety of outfits, come in a neutral color so that it doesn’t stand out too much, and should be sporty yet robust. 



GMT watches were traditionally developed for pilots. However, since then, they have taken on a reputation as a consummate adventurer’s watch. Greenwich Mean Time watches, as they are officially called, allow wearers to keep track of multiple time zones at the same time. If you are a frequent traveller, a GMT watch will surely prove useful as you will quickly adapt to time zones. Their aesthetics are also pretty great and exude a sense of power. We especially love our Rolex GMT master II 2020 ceramic bezel for its red and blue rotating bezel. 

 Luxury Watches In Saint Louis

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