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luxury watches in Clayton Mo | Our Comprehensive watch guide: purchasing the perfect watch for him or her

By Timekeepers Clayton October 31, 2022

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Purchasing the perfect watch for him or her

            As the season of giving approaches, you’ve probably started wondering what you should get for the loved ones in your life this year. After a year fraught with challenges, a thoughtful gift, whether big or small, can go a long way toward spreading the Christmas cheer. However, as we all know, shopping for the perfect gift isn’t the easiest thing in the world. What do you get for a person who seems to have everything? We think that a watch makes for a great gift, regardless of whether your loved one only has one or an entire collection. Still, choosing a watch requires quite a bit of thought and a whole lot of research. As one of the largest providers of luxury watches in Clayton, Mo, we’ve compiled a comprehensive watch-buying guide to help you find the perfect watch for him or her.

What’s your budget?

            Like with everything, price is an important factor to consider when buying a watch. Luxury watches come in a spectrum of price points, from entry-level to king’s ransom. Pricing often varies based on factors such as market value, brand legacy, materials, and complications. Therefore, how much you spend will depend on your budget and the features you are looking for in a watch.


Consider their style

            One of the best feelings in the world is watching your loved one’s face light up with pure joy and excitement when they open a gift you gave them. So, of course, you need to buy them something that appeals to their style. Think about their fashion sense. What kind of clothes or accessories do they mostly wear? Are they formal? Casual? Furthermore, consider their lifestyle to ensure that you get them a watch that will fit well with their everyday wardrobe



Know your watches

            To make a sensible and practical watch purchase, you need to learn more about watches. This entails two things: style and type. When it comes to type, you need to find out the type of mechanism the watch uses. Is it mechanical, automatic, quartz, or a hybrid? Style refers to how the watch looks in general. Watches are available in different styles, from extremely casual to ultra-luxurious. We think this Cartier Cougar 18K Gold Diamond Bezel watch would be perfect for anyone looking to make a statement.


Design features

            A watch’s design features should factor heavily into what you eventually choose. Luxury watches come with varying case sizes, straps, bezel embellishments, and engraving features. For instance, bracelet watches are an extremely popular choice among women. If you are shopping for a man, a stainless-steel watch like this Rolex Datejust Oyster quartz would be perfect. In men’s watches, stainless steel is considered a gold standard of quality

Our Collection of luxury watches

There is a range of other factors you can consider when buying a watch. Factors such as water resistance rating, brand, and proportions to your wrist size are just as important. When it comes to luxury watches in Clayton, Mo, Timekeepers has the perfect watch for you. Whether you are looking for an automatic or quartz watch, vintage or modern, casual, or formal, we have it all. Browse our collection to see what we have to offer. If you have any queries about our services and offerings, feel free to give us a call at 314-721-4548 or email us at