Keepsake Jewelry Ideas

Keepsake Jewelry Ideas | Jewelry in Clayton, MO 63105

Few things in life can be classified as a real treasure, and your kids are one of them. That’s the reason we always want to stay connected with them, and there’s no better way to do that, even over long distances, than with keepsake jewelry. There’s nothing quite like a unique and personal expression captured through a piece of jewelry, whether a bracelet, ring, necklace, or even cufflinks. And keepsake jewelry lets us honor special life events and loved ones. That said, they come in various categories. From wedding bands to cremation jewelry to even pet pendants, all of these offer you a way to feel more connected to your loved ones and memories. 

When it comes to babies, the keepsake jewelry you give them will likely be their first. Hence, the pressure is on for you to come up with something thoughtful and fine enough to make your child feel extra special. Regardless of your reason for adorning your little one with keepsake jewelry, here are some of our top picks to get you started. 

Chain bracelets with a custom charm

You can never go wrong with a baby bracelet. They make for the perfect gift, especially since you can easily resize them as your child grow. Even better, you can adapt the piece further for every milestone they meet. If they wish, your child can simply convert it to a necklace if they aren’t into bracelets. 

Chain bracelet charm ideas and inspirations

  • Birthstones
  • Places traveled
  • Favorite things
  • Initials or family symbols
  • Astrological signs and themes

Custom engraved pendants

Just like necklaces and bracelets, enders are a popular keepsake item for infants. They are the perfect canvas for your ideas, and there can be nothing too wild not to go on a pendant. You can go for birthstones, laser engraves, a favorite drawing, have a child’s name or the family’s initials, or a favorite sign anything works.

Still, looking for more ideas? How about a favorite quote or mantra? If you love to travel, you can also engrave the coordinates of your favorite places on it, secret words, your favorite religious text, a nickname, or you can choose to go for something hilarious. Do you have special dates, such as graduation, birthday, or a notable achievement? Engraving the date on the pendant would be a lovely way of holding on to those special moments. For a more personal touch, you can even engrave a fingerprint or a child’s drawing into a pendant. Just scan it, and your favorite jeweler can engrave it for you. 


Earrings are perhaps the most popular heirloom jewelry. And in the same way, they make great keepsake jewelry for babies. Many parents struggle with what age they should have their baby’s ears pierced. But if that’s not a problem for you, then by all means. The world is your oyster. For babies, you have to be careful about the type of back posts you choose. Most jewelers recommend screw-back posts or anything that makes it hard for them to remove. Studs are generally considered the most appropriate for infants. You can have it customized with a stone or crystal of your choice. 

Wrapping up

Unlike regular jewelry, keepsake jewelry is extra special and serves as more than just simple gifts. They are the perfect way for your child to hold on to you and reflect on the various milestones in life. Of course, you want a piece of jewelry they can potentially keep with them for the rest of their life. Perhaps even pass it to the next generation. At Timekeepers in Clayton MO, we offer a wide selection of jewelry to fit your every need. Visit us in-store and online today!