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Jewelry Store In Maplewood Mo | 2022 Women’s jewelry trends

2022 Women’s jewelry trends

Jewelry is more than just a fashion accessory that complements your outfit. It can be the one thing that makes you feel unique, sparks joy into your life, or denotes an important milestone. With the onset of spring, perhaps you are thinking of revamping your wardrobe, including your jewelry. After all, spring marks a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. The 2022 jewelry trends are bolder than ever before. Check out our favorite jewelry trends of 2022, carefully curated by our jeweler at our jewelry store in Maplewood MO.


No look is complete without the perfect pair of earrings. It’s perhaps the easiest way to elevate your look. There’s a wide range of earrings, and this year hoop earrings continue to be a popular everyday wear. You can double your hoops by mixing various sizes and textures for a unique and fashion-forward look. Mismatching your earrings is another way to achieve an unexpected and playful look. However, you must be keen on how you match them.

Antique jewelry

Antique jewelry is the greatest treasure of bygone eras and a must-have for any fashionable woman. A gorgeous vintage gilt link chain can do the trick. Vintage pearls never lose their allure, whether a necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet. You can layer them with finer gilt lockets and chains. Essentially, vintage jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, and this year you can find them in an explosion of colors to suit your taste.

Oversized jewelry

Loose and baggy fits have been trending for a while now, and the trend is moving on to jewelry as well. Larger-than-life chains are one of the top 2022 jewelry trends. You can opt for chunky gold chains and layer them with other over-the-top pieces. Oversized studs can also seriously up your look. You need to enter the oversized realm this year.

Solid chokers

Chockers made an unexpected comeback in recent years. They have received a magnificent glow-up and come in an array of different styles. From diamond-encrusted chains and delicate strings of pearls, you are absolutely spoilt for choice. If you choose to wear a chocker, you don’t have to wear a statement earring as you may wind up looking a bit gaudy. Depending on your style, a chocker can also be a great way to keep your style game bold, edgy, and with a hint of darkness.


Like gold, pearl jewelry is forever timeless, and they are popping up everywhere in 2022. There are far from the preppy and aristocratic styles they once were. Today, we are seeing pearls in more artistic variants featuring various colors and sizes. For instance, you can easily find lush gold chains combined with graceful pearls. Essentially, pearl jewelry is perfect for both formal and casual occasions, so versatility is not an issue.

Jewelry store in Maplewood MO

Every fashionable woman needs an exemplary jewelry collection to serve her everyday needs. Looking to expand your collection or a unique gift for a friend? We’ve got you covered. We offer an extensive collection of jewelry both through our online store and our jewelry store in Maplewood, Mo. Feel free to get in touch with us today.